Letters From the Front

Aloha, we have received you packages of snacks and goodies thank you so much!!! we appreciate the time, effort, and cost that it takes to send us so many boxes. It is amazing that your group goes out its way to spend money and send goodies to soldiers you never met or even seen before. All the soldiers that open your packages have a smile on their face and it takes them away from the surrounding they are in even for a brief moment. thank you for that!!! as a leader in our unit whenever we can help our soldiers feel better laugh and smile it is a reward and you and your group is a cause of that. You said you have been mailing boxes since 2004 that's sooo amazing!!!! My first deployments was in IRAQ 2003-2004, I have been all around the world and got to see so much because of being in the army. I have been to Iraq, Africa, Qatar, Kuwait, and this is my 3rd time to Afghanistan. Before we deployed we had training in Stockton CA and got to drive around on our off days and ended seeing places like Napa Valley, Tahoe, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco. Again coming from small islands in Hawaii it was the first time a lot of our soldiers got to see these awesome places in CA You guys and gals are amazing!!!! thank you again for the thoughts, goodies, and prayers!!!!!I attached a small unit photo realizing we don't have a lot of group photos yet this deployment. We are headed toward our finish line on this deployment and in a few more months we will be packing up and heading home!!!! Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much!!!)

Kevin Meno SSG BCO 171 AVN Hawaii Army National Guard

unit photo.JPG

Good Morning,


I am just writing you all to say thank you for your care package. They are

greatly appreciated here. The packages were disbursed throughout the unit,

and much of it disappeared rather quickly! :)

Thank you guys for all you do in supporting the troops. We are thanked

often, but I don't believe people who support the troops receive the

gratitude in return. You help support the war by supporting us.

Every time a package is received, morale is boosted. So again, thank you all

for all you do!




SSgt Kianna Wade

Our kennel has continued to get your care packages and it is much appreciated! I was able to get a picture for you from earlier this morning. It is attached below. The deployment has finally started to slow down and I’ll be sure to have more time to get some better quality photos. Sadly we don’t have a flag or really much in that aspect but I will look for something! As always, thank you so much for the support. You guys are the best!